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The Biodiversity Group is seeking photographers who want to put their skills to use for conservation. Intermediate to professional photographers can join us in the Amazon Rainforest, Vietnam, or coastal Ecuador to capture images of some of the most spectacular creatures on Earth, and then use that work for art and science.

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Did you know that a bucket of mud contains 16,000,000,000,000 living things?
Celebrate all that life that YOUR life depends on by donating to The Biodiversity Group or dumping a bucket of mud on your head--or both! A lot better than the ice-bucket challenge, no?

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You can now contribute YOUR photos to give scientists real-time data to understand patterns of biodiversity, what is happening to it, and find out how to keep from losing it.

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Our Executive Director shows you what we're all about!

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We go to the tropical islands of Con Dao, Vietnam, and rock the place with Biodiversity!

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Cameras for Conservation
Put that old camera and other field gear to use for conservation.

See how our one-of-a-kind program is bringing young people together with nature through photography, while contributing to science and art! Check out Biodiversity PEEK.


Intern or volunteer with TBG and learn about biodiversity while contributing to a great cause.

Amphibian populations are declining across the globe--find out what you can do about it.


How does climate change affect reptiles and amphibians? Find out how.







We go to the tropical islands of Con Dao, Vietnam, and rock the place with Biodiversity!


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